Make A WorldWhere No One Grieves.

Our name, "Novalumo," is a combination of the words "Nova" and "Lumo," which means "New Light" in Esperanto. We are working hard to bring "New Light" to the world through the power of technology, and we will make a world where no one grieves.


To Be The Most Peaceful Community In The World.

We are not just a company but a community that will be the most peaceful in the world. We desire to create a world where everyone can live in peace and harmony.


Be Responsible, Kindly, and Enjoyable.

We consider that the most important thing for us to achieve the "No One Grieves" goal is to be responsible, kind, and enjoyable. We will do our best to be reliable, thoughtful, and delightful in everything we do. Also, we emphasize the transparency of our business and the fairness of our business.